Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A baby shower for Perfect Paige

My brother, Mark, and his wife, Paige, are expecting their first little baby. I was so excited that she allowed me the honor of putting on a shower for her. She's gonna be such a good mommy....I can't wait for the phone call that my newest little niece has arrived! I hope she had a wonderful time. I had a fabulous time throwing it!Thank you to all my sis-in-laws that helped me so much to throw such a beautiful shower for Paige. I love calling you all family!
Sara holding Tason, Desaree, me and Kaylee Nicole, Paige, Mijken and my mom in the back.
A friend who really wanted in the picture and Brookie and Ashley in the front.Brooke, Auntie Paige and Ashley. Brookie and Ashley are the oldest girl cousins so they were invited to the shower...how special is that!
Brookie, Ashley, Mijken and Paige (opening gifts) Doesn't Paige look AMAZING!
Paige modeling Mark's diaper changing kit.
Kaylee Nicole being super cute!
The bow making station...my new little niece MUST have bows!
One thing about my sis-in-laws is they know how to put on a beautiful spread of the BEST home cooked food you've ever tasted!
Such a pretty display (this was my contribution to the food). Not homemade but I did dip the strawberries in the chocolate! Oh and I did the drink (totally homemade)! An awesome recipe from my best friend Jen.
Bobby's wife, Sara, and my mom getting everything all set up prior to party time.

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