Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jessie's 6th Birthday

A new tradition that Brent started with the kids a few years ago. A donut and breakfast in bed on their birthday!Braden was SOOO excited to take the donut to Jessie. She was having a hard time waking up.
Braden, Jessie and Brookie
A LONG donut with chocolate. Jessie's favorite.

Then we went camping with one of our best family friends, the Rheads (another post on that later). It was Paige's birthday the same weekend. She was turning 7. We had a birthday camping trip. We had the best time. Happy Birthday beautiful Jessie!
Heavy heavy hang over
Thy poor head.
What do you wish the giver
With a bump on the head?
Yeah! Hannah Montana CD's for both girls. They LOVE Hannah Montana!
But wait....there's more....
Tickets to see Miley Cyrus (a.k.a. HANNAH MONTANA) Live in Las Vegas for a girls weekend with moms and sisters!
The BEST birthday EVERRRRRRR!!!
Pinata time!
Trevor, Paige, Jessie, Brookie, Kylie and Braden
Cupcakes made by Auntie Jen for the birthday girls.
and everyone else. Yummy!
Braden, Kylie, Jessie, Kaylee Nicole, Paige, Brookie and Trevor
Kaylee Nicole enjoying a sucker from the pinata'

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