Thursday, July 2, 2009

Telford Family Reunion Day 1 & 2

Sorry the days aren't in order.

DAY 2 Brookie and Jessie taught everyone the Howdown Throwdown from the Hannah Montana Movie. It was so much fun. Everyone was great sports and they really knew how to "throwdown"!
Countryfy it!
Hip Hop It!
Happy 3-0!
(Tyler and Kaden)
The guys had a redneck ironman which finished with a race up the mountain. Yes, that is my husband in FIRST place!However, my brother Tyler ended up BLOWING everyone out of the water! Man he was just flying up that hill.They did all make it to the top though!
Cody, Jared, Brent, Tyler and Nole (Des's brother in law)
Emma, Kaylee Nicole, Jessie, Tayson, Sydney, Jaci, Brooke, Megan, Justin, Alaina
Alaina, Jessie, Emma, Megan (the 4 six year old..well almost Jessie isn't 6 for 12 more days)
Brent riding.
Uncle Cody giving Braden a ride on his motorcycle.
Braden fishing off the bridge you had to cross to enter the ranch. The Salmon River.
WORMS! Jessie, Emma, Sydney, Alaina
Ashley, Megan, Brookie
Kaylee Nicole is crawling all over the place right now so she ended up spending alot of time being pushed around in the stroller...trying to keep her out of the dirt.
Brent washing his the FREEZING cold Salmon River...CRAZY!!
There was a small pond next to the clearing where we all camped. There was this homemade paddle boat that the kids just LOVED. They spent so much time playing on it. Only one time did someone fall in. Kegan was leaning over and stood up quickly. He was holding a stick and it knocked Brookie off the boat. The adults were all over by the campers and heard about 10 cousins screaming. Everyone sprinted to the pond. Luckily it was Brookie because she is a great swimmer. Even though the pond wasn't that deep she did a great job of staying calm until she was able to get to the edge and get helped out. It sure didn't keep her off the boat though. They had fun catching snails and frogs and tadpoles.
Brookie, Ashley, Alaina, Jessie

Braden getting ready for bed.
Brooke and Ashley getting ready for bed. They were so worried about being cold that they tied these scarfs around their ears. In the middle of the night Ashley sat up in bed and was soaking wet with sweat. It was dripping off her face!
Lots of cousins! We love it!
Megan, Jerick, Braden, Kaden, Justin, Sydney, Claire, Emma, Kaylee Nicole, Alaina, Jessie
Kegan, Brooke, Ashley (back) Braden, Kaden, Justin, Sydney, Claire, Emma
Brookie and her best girl cousin, Ashley, eating out of the their tree.
Yummy dinner!
Kaylee Nicole flying!
Yes, we did have to use this (sometimes). My mom and dad did have their camper there and we got to use the bathroom in the cabin Des and Aaron were staying in.
Brooke, Brent (back) Emma, Jessie, Kaylee Nicole (front)
Emma and Jessie
More of the paddle boat. Brookie, Sydney, Brent (back). Braden, Justin (front).

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