Friday, July 17, 2009

Camping with the Rheads

We went camping for Jessie's birthday this year. We went to Grovers Hot Springs in California. It is about 30 minutes from our house. It was so much fun. We went up on Thursday night and then on Friday the Rhead family joined us for the second night. There was a hot springs pool there we swam in. It was such a fun little family trip! So nice to get away for a few days and enjoy God's wonderful creations.
Eddy familyEddy's and the Rhead'sBraden is potty training and at home if he is outside Brent just has him "pee on a rock". Well Braden found some great rocks to pee on in our campsite.
They had some big rocks right by our campground that Trevor and Brookie spent a long time climbing.
Trevor, Auntie Jen, Braden and Brookie
Braden climbing the rocks.
There was also a big hill that Paige and Jessie had fun racing their bikes down.
Kaylee Nicole and the Doritos was some great entertainment for her
Jessie and Braden
Jessie, Brookie, Braden and Paige

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  1. How funny, we go camping there for Emily's Birthday every year. She loves that that is her tradition and looks forward to all summer. Did you guys hike to the water fall? The last couple of years it hasn't rained or snowed enough as it's more of a trickle fall than a waterfall. Happy Birthday Jessie!