Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter Movie . . . I mean ties!

I have a new and dear friend, Valerie Page. I so admire her total dedication to a "theme". I am a theme girl and she blows me out of the water.

Here is a picture of our "Harry Potter Night" with homemade (by Valerie of course) Harry Potter look alike ties.

I know that my little sister, Christine, is freaking out right now because she has tried to get me into Harry Potter since it's debut. We have even started the first movie about 3 times together in my honest effort to catch the rave...but all three times I didn't even make it 30 minutes before I was sleeping (hey! having kids is hard!).

So not to disappoint my little sis. I didn't see movie #4. I only made it to the dinner and then drove home with Jenniffer while the rest went to the movie. We had been camping that weekend and I had had some car trouble to figure out before morning.

So although I looked the part and had a great time with my friends at dinner...I am still not a true "Harry Potterer"!

Thanks for the fun night Valerie!
Arian, Valerie, Erinn, April, Jenniffer

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  1. April, you would NEVER last at our house! BreeAnna has all seven books memorized, word for word! I'm not kidding! For the last 6 years we have went to bed to the sound of harry potter!