Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cheer Website

I haven't done too many posts about my cheer club which seems to take up any spare moment I have. It has been so much fun though and provided me with alot of time with my two oldest girls. The squads are all doing so well this year.
After alot of waiting on others, I finally decided that I could put together a website for the club on my own. So, here it is...check it out. You can check out some of our competition videos and lots of pictures. Here are a few.For one competition we drove and stayed in a hotel with our good friends the Browns. This is Brookie and Savanna getting ready for bed.
Makenna and Jessie ready for bed. Those "things" in their hair are called spikes. They make their hair into SUPER curly ringlets. Not Jessie's favorite thing.
Jessie's moving stunt. Jessie and Brookie
Peace Jessie!
1st Place...AGAIN!

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