Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

The picture is absolutely priceless! All the kids looking out the window for Santa because they heard his bells!
Soooo Kaylee Nicole. Sitting ON the table into something!
Uncle Cody and Daddy trying out Braden's new toy...just to make sure it worked...wink wink!

Okay, so what we realized this year is that the older your kids get the harder it is to make it LOOK like they got as much as the rest of the kids. Brooke's main gift from Santa this year was an IPOD. Seriously, that does not take up very much room at a stocking! When I went to take the pictures of their stockings I noticed how little it looked like she was getting. Brent and I had to do some strategic arranging and shuffling of gifts and I totally forgot to go back and take a picture of Brooke's newly arranged stocking...long story to explain the absence of a picture!
More Braden
Kaylee Nicole

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