Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Wow! Pathetic! That is the only word to describe the lack of pictures taken on Christmas Day! Seriously, What is wrong with me! There are no pictures of cousins or grandparents or even one of me, the mom....Wow! Despite picture proof it was a great Christmas. Faith, Family, Friends!Brent, Kaylee Nicole, Brookie and Jessie
This year for just our little family we each drew one other persons name and got them a gift. The kids had the best time doing this. Their gifts were very well thought out and they were all so excited to be the giver! This is Brookie helping Kaylee Nicole open the gift she got her.
Nik Nik and her new cell phone and purse from Brookie...her two favorite toys.
Braden and his Tony Romo fathead for his room. (Not sure who was more excited Braden or Daddy!)
Jessie and Brookie and their Snuggies
Braden and his new race track
Uncle Cody playing Jessie's new DS
Brookie and her Ipod. Emma (her new doll) and Jessie
Braden and Justin

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