Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NAM Nationals Day 4

Day 4
Day 4 was supposed to be the Hollywood Tour. The Hollywood Tour is a fun and interesting tour but we had done it the two previous years and decided not to do it again. Instead we decided to spend the day at the American Girl Place. This was what the girls wanted to do more than even Disneyland! Jessie told her teacher we were going to California for a week and when the teacher asked why she said to go to the American Girl Place! Haha...not for Disneyland or for Nationals but for the American Girl Place. We went and just walked through all the doll rooms and looked at "stuff" for about 1 1/2 hours then Brookie picked out a new outfit for her doll and Jessie decided to have her hair's doll done at the salon instead of getting an outfit. Then we went and had lunch with the dolls in the Cafe. It was a 5 course meal and the girls had the BEST day!Headin' to Hollywood
The American Girl Place
They each got to chose 1 thing. Brookie's doll got her ears pierced and an outfit for her doll. Jessie's doll had her hair done in the salon and her doll got glasses.
Waiting for lunch with their American Girl dolls
Brookie looking over her menu.
Jessie checking out her menu. She chose to have her own dolls hair fixed so while her doll was at the salon Jessie "borrowed" a doll to have lunch with.
A special shake.

Such a pretty Christmas tree! We had the BEST day!
We had to rush back to make it to PJ's rehearsal that night.Braden and Kaylee Nicole

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