Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 7

The final day. First they had rehearsal and then the final show. In the optionals if they made top 5 they had to recompete at the Red Carpet Awards. Here were the results of those:
Casual wear modeling - 2nd runner up
Actress - 1st runner up
Most Promising model - 4th runner up
Best Resume - 1st runner up
Casual wear modeling - 3rd runner up
They received scores in the Exceptional category on all of their optional's! Not too bad out of over 100 entries in each of their age groups.

For the final show Jessie ended up 13th for overall out of the state winners (I think there were 48 or so state winners there.) Brookie was the youngest one in her age group. She ended up 11th! She had the highest score in personal introduction and was .2 off of the highest score for interview! They both did their very best and had the best time and we were so proud to be their parents!

Jessie at "NAM" themed rehearsal.

Brookie at "NAM" themed rehearsal.
Brookie's picture was all over on different signs and such from when she was the National Princess.
Final show outfit #1.

Final show outfit #2
Final show final outfit!

Brookie with Gracie Fusco from Ohio. Final show outfit #1.
Final show outfit #2.
Final show final outfit!
Jessie and Brookie with Megan Alexander, Corespondent for Inside Edition.

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