Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 6

Day 6 was a busy day. Interviews in the morning. Top 5 for optional's announced. Red White and Blue rehearsal. Car drawing (nope our name wasn't drawn). Then the Thanksgiving banquet. (In a separate post.) Jessie and Brookie with Taylor Longbrake from California. One of our very good friends. She feeds Brookie's love for fashion and "Juicy Couture" through hand-me-downs!
Brookie and Jessie with Kennedy Miller from Washington. Another one of our favorite friends we've made over the years.
Top 5 announced for optional's. Brookie made top 5 in casual wear. There were over 100 entries!
Top 5 announced for options in Princess division. Jessie made top 5 in casual wear and actress. Again, over 100 entries is each!
Brookie at RWB rehearsal.
Jessie RWB rehearsal.
Brookie ready for interview.
Jessie ready for interview.

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