Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Banquet

Granpa and Nana spend the week in Anaheim with us and Aunt Kara flew in for the Thanksgiving banquet.
My very favorite thing in life is being a wife and mom! My second favorite thing is matching outfits and pictures! Just kidding but isn't it just precious! And you can't even see my super sweet matching red heals!

Photos on the red carpet!
My four matching angels.
Future Miss Nevada??? She doesn't need a title or sash...she definitely wears the crown in this family right now!
Brookie and her fancy glass!
Jessie and her fancy glass!
Braden with his fancy glass!
Kaylee Nicole was YELLING in this picture...I'm sure of it! She is not a quite little girl. It must come from having 3 older siblings. But, believe me, she is not at all over shadowed!
Brookie and Grandpa
Grandpa and Braden with same-same Sunday clothes.
Our little camera hog! She is ALWAYS up for a photo!
Daddy escorting the "Miss Nevada" sisters on stage at the Thanksgiving banquet.
Jessie, Brookie and Gia (Jessie best little friend from Arizona). Check out those fishy lips!
Brookie and Chandler Swift (Miss Pennsylvania). Brookie became good friends with her. Yep, she is Taylor Swift's cousin!
Mike the camera guy. He was one of the people that came to our house and did "A Day in the Life" when Brooke was the National Princess. We have stayed close with him. He is LDS. He played the bagpipes at the Thanksgiving Banquet.
LONG day for Miss Kaylee Nicole!

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