Friday, December 31, 2010

Another Year Down

This year for New Years we made a trip to Idaho. We took Brookie's friend Tenielle with us. It was a relaxed but fun night. First Brent and I, Aaron and Dez and my Mom and Dad went to a dinner at Dietrich High School. Then we came home and stayed up and watched the ball drop on TV and banged some pots and pans. It was snowing really hard and the roads were bad so cousins from Richfield couldn't make it down but it was fun to spend New Years with Aaron and Dez and their kids.Brent and April

My Mom and Dad

My brother Aaron and Desaree

Jessie almost made it to the new year. She fell asleep about 11:30. We woke her up at midnight and she stayed up about 1 minute and then she was asleep again.


Brookie and Kegan

Tenielle, Brookie and Megan
These two are CRAZY!

Jessie and Uncle Aaron

Braden and Jerik

Grandma Telford and Sidney

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