Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Baskets & Easter Bunny

Braden has been on the look out for the Easter bunny. He never did see the actual Easter bunny but did see lots of helpers. He would sneak out and try to be so quiet and get a picture. He actually got pretty good at it. Here is the picture that I think was the closest he got.Poor Brookie was sick on Easter. She didn't even wanna get up and find her Easter basket. The other kids helped her really fast and she posed for a picture then went right back to bed. Brent stayed home from church with her and she slept most of the day. Here were the Easter basket goodies this year. Brookie: Abercrombie t-shirt, Jessie: Dolphin pillow pet, Braden: Grave Digger Monster Jam, Kaylee Nicole: Dora Books and bubbles. Everyone was happy. And that darn Easter bunny didn't even leave any jelly beans!

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