Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sandbox Project

I asked my Dad for ideas and suggestion on ways to help my kids learn how to work. We don't live on a farm and they already do the "regular jobs" like cleaning rooms, unloading dishwasher, helping with dinner, ect. My dad suggested I give them projects with a deadline. Soooo...here was the first project. It was spring break and they needed somethink to keep them busy. We had a sandbox that needed to be fixed, cleaned up and painted. They had to get it all cleaned out of spiders and cobwebs and dirt first. Then they screwed in all the loose and missing screws. Then Brent took them to pick out some paint. It took them two days to paint it. Nana made a shade cover for it a few years ago and we put that back on it. I'm sad I didn't get a picture of it with the cover on it. It turned out so cute and they were VERY proud of themselves and now they have a very cool sandbox that they fixed up to play in this summer. I like this project idea. Nik Nik was in charge of snacks and kept all the kids stocked up on granola bars.

All three kids busy painting.

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