Friday, March 6, 2009

Kaylee Nicole's 1/2 birthday

Kaylee Nicole turned 6 months old yesterday. We've never really celebrated "1/2 birthday's" but it sounds so cute for a post and we needed a reason to have ice cream sundaes! The kids all LOVED the idea and are already planning their 1/2 birthdays. Everyone always comments on how "tiny" or "little" Kaylee Nicole is. I prefer "petite". And everyone is right, she is only 11 pounds. But she is very healthy and has quite the little attitude. She is a very easy baby and happy about 99% of the time. However, when she is hungry or tired or needs her diaper changed or wants attention you only have about 5 seconds or she starts yelling. I know you might think that yelling comes later but this little 6 month old can yell...really. Braden loved being able to put on his "own" chocolate.
Jessie planning out what she is going to put on her sundae.
Brookie wanted to get just the right picture and the chocolate syrup just kept piling up!

People always ask me if having 4 kids is hard. I have to tell ya that trying to get a picture with 4 kids all looking at the camera is hard. I had to include this one in the post because we were trying to get everyone to look and Kaylee Nicole put her hand right in Jessie's icecream. We were all laughing so hard. I don't think I ever did get a picture with everyone looking.

Kaylee Nicole's 5 month old pictures.

This one shows Kaylee Nicole's first manicure given with Brookie and Jessie's help. They each held a hand while I painted the fingernails and then they each had to blow on it until it was dry.

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