Friday, March 13, 2009

Doin' the Donuts!

One of my sister in laws blog is called "City girl living the country life." I suppose I would be the "Country girl TRYING to live the city life!" Here's why:

One of my other sister in laws had a blog post of the first calf of 2009 and they were all making homemade donuts to celebrate. It just made me cry. I was soooo sad. Because I know that I can't share the first baby calf of 2009 with my little ones and I certainly can't make homemade donuts!

So I just did the next best thing...I showed all Mijken's pictures of the calf to Braden and told him all about it and then we went to the donut shop and had donuts! I even let him pick his own donut and we shared a cup of hot chocolate!
Braden chose a BIG one with chocolate.Braden spent the entire time blowing on it so it wouldn't be hot. I think I ended up drinking it all because I couldn't convince him it wasn't hot anymore.Braden loved the fish at the donut shop!Braden is such a good big brother! This is Kaylee Nicole giving him kisses.
See...all better now. Braden knows about calves being born and we got to eat donuts! I LOVE being a mommy!


  1. Way to compromise. it's the next best thing.

  2. April! Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could come see yours! It's fun to see how people have changed and how their lives are doing after soooo long! Your family is beautiful and you haven't changed really either. Pretty as ever. Linsy and I always thought you were. Thanks for babysittin us!