Friday, March 20, 2009

Jessie's Movie Day

They had March Movie Madness at Jessie's school. The students dressed as their favorite movie star and then they watched a movie that day in school. They had a red carpet set up and a Capital Christian School Wall of Fame. We layed out blankets and pillows and watched it on a big screen set up in the sanctuary. It was so much fun.

Here a sweet little conversation that I heard while I was there:
Jessie's friend, Claire: Why does your mom always come to our school stuff?
Jessie: Because she just loves to be with me.

It was so sweet. I just LOVE being a mom and my kids are always so excited when I come. They always run right over and give me a big hug and take Braden and Kaylee Nicole and show them off.
Here is Jessie's star. I'm not sure why they put Jessica; they call her Jessie at school. Jessie walking the red carpet. Jessie dressed up as Princess Leah from Star Wars.
They had music playing while the kids were walking in and Kaylee Nicole was "singing" along.

Braden's latest thing is to be in EVERY picture I take. It is so cute but he will never just smile for me. He always wants to be growling or eating or talking or something. Such a little boy!

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