Monday, March 16, 2009

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a BIRD!

Brooke and Jessie have been wanting a bird for a while now and Brent and I finally told them if they earned and saved enough money they could get one. We told them they had to earn $30. We thought they would either lose interest or think it wasn't worth it or something. But, here we are the proud owners of a parakeet. They worked really hard doing all kinds of jobs around the house and after about 2 weeks had earned $30! We were pretty impressed with their ambition.
Here they are entering the store. They were SOOO excited!
Braden just loved the little shopping cart. He was ZOOMING it around the store.
Here is the conversation for the following pictures:
Jessie: I want the one that's all yellow.
Brooke: I want the green one.
Mom: You can only get one so find one you both like.
Brooke: How about we get the one that is yellow and green with a little bit of black. That way you get some yellow, I get some green, and Braden likes black.
Jessie: Noooooo
After about 5 minutes of Brooke trying to convince Jessie (and a little help from Brent) Jessie finally compromised.
Jessie paying for the bird.
Sorry, no actual picture of the bird! (Didn't think of that one.) I'll have to get one of it in it's new home and post it. The bird does have a name though...GIRL. I know, real original but it's their bird and that's what they wanted to call it.


  1. How cute!!!!! You are a good storyteller, April
    Even though our pets have more interesting names, we call them "puppy" and "ditty" after nearly 6 years.

  2. How fun! Can't wait to see the pictures of GIRL!!

  3. Let's see the bird!!!