Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Concert 2010

Pinion Hills Christmas Concert
First they had the 2nd graders and then they had a 15 minute intermission while they waited for parents to move in and out of the gym and then they had the 3rd graders. Lucky for us we got to stay for both sessions. They did an AMAZING job. By far the best Pinion Hills Concert...so far.
Jessie and Brookie in their matching dresses.
This momma loves little girls in matching dresses.
Cute little Nic Nic is a hit wherever we go. Brookie and Jessies friends always crowd around her wanting to hold her and get loves from her.
Braden takes pretty good care of Nic Nic...for the most part.
Daddy and the two little ones.
Jessie and Brynlee Brown
Brookie and Maddie
Daddy and Jessie Pie
Jessie singing. Reminds me of one of my all time favorite pictures of Jessie.....
4 year old Jessie at Preschool concert at Capital Christian 7/3/07.
Now a favorite of 6 year old Brookie the same day. Kindergarten graduation from Capital Christian. Schools out for summer!

Molly and Brookie

Ok. Time to go home.

Yep! It's bedtime.

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