Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

This is the first Christmas since we have been married (12 Christmas's) that we spent Christmas morning at our own home. It was wonderful! It was just our own little family. I loved it. I am so greatful that we have such a good life. We have such great kids. They are so loving and good to each other and happy and healthy. I'm also so thankful for our good jobs that allow us to provide a good living for our little family. It was a fun Christmas!
Brookie and Jessie got an IPAD from Santa. When they unwrapped it they were so surprised. They COULD NOT believe it!

More IPAD pics.

They really were surprised with this it!

Brookie & Jessie got their very own cell phones.

Braden got a black DS and a racing bike. Santa called Braden from the North Pole this year and Braden told him that he wanted a black DS for Christmas. He was so excited that Santa brought him what he told him on the phone!

Jessie opening her cell phone. They were blown away!

Yeah...a cell phone...for me!

Nikki Cole was very tired. She LOVED all her Dora stuff. Her favorite was her Dora lipsticks and her Dora books.

Jessie and her cell phone.

It was funny because Jessie opened her cell phone first and Brookie was freaking out that JESSIE got her own cell phone.

Snow White (Nic Nic) loving on her Dora doll sitting on her new Dora blanket.

Jessie texting on her new phone, wearing new jammies from Nana and holding her new Tumbleweeds bag.

Brookie with the IPAD, her new cell phone and her Abercrombie sweatshirt hoodie.

Brookie is Nikki's VERY favorite! Nikki wearing her new Dora jammies.

Jessie and Braden sharing their new toys.
This year we had Christmas dinner at our house and Bob and Linda came over to eat with us. Brookie and Jessie and I did the ENTIRE dinner. It was so yummy!
The girls were such big helpers!

Brent was not a big helper.

Merry Christmas!
What a beautiful way to celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.
I'm so grateful for his sacrifice.

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