Thursday, December 23, 2010


We drove down to Disneyland for one day. That is one place you will never get sick of going to. Our kids love it! However, I don't think we will ever go two days before Christmas ever again. It was soooo crowded. Every line for rides were at least an hour. There were so many people. But even so, it was still The Happiest Place on Earth. In front of the HUGE Christmas tree. This is the tallest decorated tree I have ever seen.

Brookie took a pic of Brent and I. I'm always to nervous to bring in my nice camera so all of these pictures are taken with my cell phone. I think they turned out pretty good...for the most part.

On the boat to go through the ride "It's a Small World". This is always a favorite ride.

More Small World

Small World again.

Jessie and Nikki with Sleeping Beauty.

Kaylee Nicole kept asking to see Minnie Mouse. Brent went and stood in line for almost 2 HOURS to see Minnie. That was one dedicated dad. Nic Nic loved it though.

Nikki driving Minnie Mouses car.

Brookie, Braden, Nikki, Mommy and Jessie waiting to watch the parade.

Who doesn't LOVE the princess castle at night????

Jessie, Brent, and Brookie

Jessie, Mommy and Brookie
All in our matching sweatshirts.

Braden and Kaylee Nicole made it to about 10:30.
Jessie made it to about 11:00.

Brookie and I shut the place down! Brookie LOVES the big scary rides. We stood in line for over an hour and a half to catch the last ride of the night on Space Mountain.

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