Friday, December 3, 2010

Polar Express

In October we booked tickets on the Polar Express train ride in Sacramento, CA. Tickets sell out the first day and it took us 3 hours to get through to get ours. It was a fun memorable experience. We went with our good friends the Rhead's.
Back: April, Kaylee Nicole, Kylie, Auntie Jen
Front: Braden, Paige, Jessie, Brooke, Trevor

My 4 kidos peeking through the train window.

Jessie, Paige, Brookie

Braden, Trevor

Kylie, Brookie

Tap dancing girls and hot chocolate and cookies.

Braden and Nikki getting their tickets punched.

Finally arriving at the North Pole...Jessie can't wait to see Santa.

Nikki and Braden waiting for Santa.

Finally Santa comes on board and passes out a bell to every child.

Brookie getting her bell.

Kaylee Nicole, Braden, Jessie and Brookie with Santa.

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